Workshop Workings

Everything workshop related here. I tend to purchase tools that are in need of a little TLC, a bit like the cars I buy I suppose.

It all adds to keeping busy, and having something to do in the little spare time that’s available. It also means that I get some, sometimes, half decent tools for not a lot of outlay! Lathes, welders, grinders and drills, have a look, as I tend to give an account of overcoming problems and the solutions and methods used.

Autojumble Bargains – January!

Well, despite the snow this morning, two kids and a Mrs to load up into the aging Xantia, we got to Lincoln AutoJumble at Hemswell Airfield. Left home at 8am, arrived at 8:45am despite a minor power steering fault which I’ll need to look into again. Anyway, braving the cold, jumping in the snow with

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