Inside RetroRamp

RetroRamp has been created after the mind numbing experiences received at Motor Factors and Repair Centres throughout the UK, who are only interested in Registration Numbers and supplying parts that are “on the system”, which to be honest, 9 times out of 10 are wrong and even a trained monkey can work it out.

Unfortunately, it seem to be the way we’re heading. Gone is the commonsense approach, which was shown most recently.

An M22x1.5mm Sump Plug was required for a Kawasaki JS550SX Jet Ski Stator casing plug. Three motor factors were approached for a part, knowing they were an off the shelf item that was once stocked at all good outlets, all three wanted a registration number so they could check whether it would fit a vehicle. The final motor factors grasped the concept that it wasn’t for a vehicle, and that checking the stockroom would be a brilliant idea.

Aside of being supplied incorrect parts, or seeing blank faces stare back at you when something is against what the computer says, RetroRamp is also focussed on supplying a guaranteed workaround for obsolete parts where possible. Take our Citroen Power Steering Repair Kit, after 10 years of faithful service, Citroen have retired the part to the scrap pile despite there being an ever growing number of Xantia’s appearing back on the road, owning one provided us with the clear guidance to get something sorted.

Always on the look out for a challenge and something different from the norm, the garage spaces are always occupied by something requiring love and attention. Check out our Project Blogs to find out what’s being fettled or f****d this week!