RetroRamp - Bavarian Muscle!

What is fast becoming the next BMW icon. A 1990 E34 535i Sport Saloon, complete with an Automatic Gearbox. In need of some major TLC, inner and outer sills, floor pans, front wings and rear wheel arches, not for the work shy!

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RetroRamp - Citro-draulics

The hydropneumatic wonder that is the Citroen Xantia (Zan-ti-a). Pioneered on the DS, the Xantia was the last of the Citroen's to use a common hydraulic circuit for the Braking, Steering and Suspension. This beauty arrived requiring a replacement steering hose, that is unfortunately NLA (No Longer Available) from Citroen, so a replacement was cunningly designed and implemented.

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RetroRamp - Project Passat

1.8t 20v, 5 speed manual box. 'Nuff said, yeah? Well, not quite! A prime example of German Engineering at it's best, although with VW's AEB engine fitted, there are some niggles and unfortunately they're expensive niggles. This poor example is in need of the Oil Pickup cleaning and an overhaul of the Ignition Control Module and it's related circuits. With 3 kids, 2 dogs and a Mrs to fit in, this absorbs them all with room to spare.

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Autojumble Bargains – January!

Well, despite the snow this morning, two kids and a Mrs to load up into the aging Xantia, we got to Lincoln AutoJumble at Hemswell Airfield. Left home at 8am, arrived at 8:45am despite a minor power steering fault which I’ll need to look into again. Anyway, braving the cold, jumping in the snow with

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BMW E34 535i Specification

The BMW Specification sheet, as it left the factory! Reg No. : G*** VJA Chassis No. : BF****0 Reg Date 04/05/1990 Engine No. 4******8 Build Date Apr 1990 (Wk14) Model : HD26 535IAS Current Dealer 16254 Beechwood (W) Colour : 308 Brilliant Red Selling Dealer 16254 Beechwood (W) Upholstery : 0292 Silver Leather Extras :

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Homebrew – Chapter 2!

So, Friday came and went. The market was attended and the much needed chemicals for wine, cider and beer production were sucessfully purchased, along with a few other bits that we’ll get to at some point in the future! I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time around…

Home Brew – Chapter 1!

Having looked into home brewing for a couple of months, well to be truthful almost a year, we took the plunge and bought a number of bits and pieces from various sellers on eBay. The first kit, included a 25 litre bucket, two 4.5 litre demijohns, 12 75cl wine bottles, hydrometer, thermometer, syphoning tubes and

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